Scottie Show is a joyful blend of music and comedy and lasts 90 – 120 minutes.

The audience is involved to a degree but I don’t go in for cruelly mocking people.

I proudly admit that my style of comedy harks back to the non-PC days of the seventies and early eighties. The jokes are aimed squarely at “real” people who like to laugh, and I am in no way inclined to change this in the foreseeable future in order to please purists, critics or reviewers. I prefer to hear unrestrained belly laughs rather than polite giggles.

I worked for three years as resident entertainer in The Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney, and I ran my own comedy venue in Lanzarote from 2003-2009 where I performed for 2 -3 hours nightly.

I am also a very accomplished musician and can entertain audiences of all ages with an enormous repertoire of well-known songs. I also write my own songs, both comedy and serious. To listen to samples of my original material, click right here.

In 2011, I took my show “Ryanair Lost My Baby” to the Edinburgh Fringe where I played to packed houses and big laughs. In order to publicise the show, I performed daily in the streets of Scotland’s capital which as well as being lucrative, also had the advantage of ensuring that the people who came to see my show already had a flavour of what they were coming to see. I am in my element playing in the street during spells of clement weather. It reminds me how much I love people, even the grumpier ones!

I returned to Edinburgh in 2012, with a new show called “Cheap Laughs…(Are Better Than No Laughs)”, which again was very successful. On this visit however, I noticed that with the right attitude, the street performing was better paying and often more enjoyble than the shows.

So back to Dublin, where professional busking in Temple Bar started paying the bills and putting chicken in the fridge. Two years later, a swift move back to Killarney, where I perform in pubs and the street in summertime and I travel in the winter.


Here are a few comedy and music audio clips.


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