About Me

Scottie – A Brief Biography


Thanks for taking the time out of your ever so busy schedule to check this out.

I’m Eric Gudmunsen and I’m a singer-songwriter and stand-up comedian who originally hails from Dundee in Scotland.

From the moment I first left the shores of Caledonia, people started to call me Scottie. After a period of resisting the inevitable, I eventually warmed to it and ever since it has been the name I use when working.

I live in Killarney, Co Kerry in the beautiful South-West of Ireland.

I started telling jokes on stage while singing in a bar in Tenerife in 1996 and I haven’t stopped since.

In the summer months, I can be found mainly in the streets of Killarney, entertaining tourists from all over the world, but mainly America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

For details of what my shows entail, check out my Scottie Show page.

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