Scottie Show In Killarney

The beautiful town of Killarney in Co Kerry is where Scottie lays his hat. The summer months bring hosts of tourists from all corners of the globe and Scottie can be found in the evenings performing in the streets when the weather permits.

For the word on the street!


Scottie writes and records a lot of his own compositions. As well as the odd comedy song, he has a large collection of original material and will occasionally slip a song or two into his comedy shows if he feels they will go well.

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Rogues Gallery

Over the years, Scottie has worked with and met a lot of established stars (well, stars in Ireland anyway!). In case no-one believes this, he made a point of capturing some of the moments for posterity. And if proof is needed, here it is.

Welcome to the Rogues Galley.

Donald Trump (Lie Lie Lie)

Crooked Hilary